As we patiently wait for Season 2, Euphoria gives us one of the deepest and finest hours of TV lately in the form of one of two special episodes as a waiting treat.

Written by Orr Ben Asuli & Dvir Ben Asuli

Euphoria was one of the greatest surprises of last year. Based on an Israeli TV show (Israel represent, salute), it was a truly remarkable and innovative TV show that came to tell a story in a way never before seen. Everything, aesthetically, was so on-point. The first season ended with a blast: Rue being betrayed by Jules and…

With Perry Masons, HBO returns to full form of its early 2010’s days of glory.

Boardwalk Empire is back.

The first episode of Perry Masons sends the audience back to the good old days of HBO, reminiscent of the days when Michael Lombardo was gloriously steering the wheels of the company. A periodic drama with high production values is something HBO always knew how to do, and with Perry Masons it seems like they are onto an interesting concept that could carry an entire show not only in terms of storytelling, but also in terms of atmosphere and experience.


One of the best cinematic gems of 2019 came in the form of an unlikely comic-book film about one of DC’s most notorious villains, but it also holds a deeper meaning than what might seem.

Curated by Kondelle Levi.

Superhero movies have become the easy outlet for movie goers who… don’t really want to see a true cinematic film. We’re not saying they’re not movies, per se, it’s just that the real essence of why they exist and why the studios make them is not making real beautiful cinema — it’s mostly about profits, escapism, and fuelling an ever-burning circle-jerk bonfire of Marvel or DC-TV fans that just can’t wait to see what crossover can they come up with next.

Then, came Joker. From the beginning, nobody really understood what was the premise of this…

On the season finale of Westworld, Caleb and Dolores are on a mission, Bernard is reminiscing, Maeve is determined and William is drinking.

Bernard going Berzerk

Literery debut by Kondelle Levi.

Wowza! Apparently Jonathan Nolan has managed to make a season finale so good that people actually hate it! Seriously, think about. It’s a trend in the world right now — if people hate it, it’s probably very good. And it can’t actually be less than great when Jonathan Nolan and Denise Thé are the writers. Remember the Person of Interest series finale? That brilliant episode? Them. So you say: “Oh wait, so just because He wrote it — it’s perfect?” — YES.

The third season’s finale took us to some unpredictable territories and presented an…

On episode 5, Jonathan Nolan emerges from the darkness and Nolanism rises from the dead, as Dolores starts forging her plan.

Forwarded by Kondelle Levi

This episode was quite the fun ride- literally. Jonathan Nolan managed to present major shift in the story and create great drama during one fun joyride, while Caleb is sipping on lean. It was actually a great surprise in our household, at 6 am in the morning, to see Jonathan Nolan name pop up in the beginning of the episode as the writer. Nolan made sure to keep this one a secret, most certainly to surprise the Nolanists and reward them for all the Good Work being done. For it is known, that the Lord loves…

On the penultimate episode of the season, Dolores gets one step closer to her endgame while Caleb gets delusions of grandeur.

forwarded by Kondelle Levi.

This magnificent season of Westworld is racing towards the finish line, and like every product under the Nolan brand nothing is quite what it seemed at first. Dolores and Caleb pay a visit to a facility in Mexico (nice seeing Jesse Pinkman back in Mexico again!), where dark secrets from the past are unveiled about Mr. Niccals and his supposed history in the army.

The episode is layered out exactly how you would expect from a Nolan storyline, even though He didn’t scribe this one Himself. We can see the Nolan we know and love from…

On episode 4, everybody is out to get Dempsey, William is at rock bottom, but might have a shot at a comeback, and Hale holds the key.

Episode 4 continues to explore the trials and turbulences of the fugazía, a subject that has been explored on Westworld several times before. Fugazía is the psychological study into the un-real. In a world like Westworld, how does one differentiate between the real and the un-real? The episode opens with William asking and stating statements about what’s real and what isn’t. Prominently, the concept of reality is once again a centrepiece at Westworld. This episode, once and for all, cements Westworld’s status as a key piece in the Cyberpunk genre. …

It’s been close to a year since HBO’s static logo blackened for the last time in an ending of a “Game of Thrones” episode, and I had plenty of time to let the entire journey sink it. For years now Game of Thrones was the most anticipated event of every year for me, and the biggest TV passion I ever had. …

I’ve seen plenty of television series in my life and enjoyed many of them, but I have never encountered something quite like what composer Ramin Djawadi did on his 8 years working on “Game of Thrones”.

Written by Dvir Ben Asuli.

You don’t even need to be in the appropriate age to watch “Game of Thrones” to know it’s opening titles theme music by heart. It’s undoubtedly one of the most memorable music pieces to come out of a score album, and I’m sure plenty of people danced to some club remix of it in a party or enjoyed a…

A look behind the curtain at the most ambitious production endeavours in Television history.

Written by Dvir Ben Asuli.

Pretty much every Game of Thrones fan who’s been around the internet enough has heard of Miguel Sapochnik, who made history and directed the “Battle of the Bastards” in 2016. While usually in television people pay much less attention to the directors’ names than in movies for example, everyone was talking at the time about the man who brought to life the biggest and most impressive battle episode in television history (that featured not one, but two of the biggest battles yet depicted at GoT at the time), so much that he also had his…

Orr vé Dvir

Il Nolanismo dura

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